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        Demre Ikon Group went out of the way with a 100-square-meter shopping mall, located next to the Demre Santa Claus museum in 2003. The Demre Ikon Group, which employs approximately 80 people and employs Demre and the surrounding provinces, operates in 5 different areas and continues to grow with its partners, adopting honesty as the first condition.


         The region’s most favorite and ever-growing Demre Ikon Group, which continues to progress in cooperation with the St. Nicholas Ikon Center store and tour companies currently on the market, was founded in 2003 by president Rıza PERÇİN and vice president Hasan KAÇAR. PERCİN and KAÇAR, who carry out their business with the principle of being a brotherhood, are showing a family business appearance.


        Demre Ikon Group, following a steady development trend, continued its development with winning Winecity Boutique Hotel which the first and only 3-star hotel of the region and Winecity Restaurant, which has 1,000 people serving all the tourism agencies in Demre. Demre Ikon Group, which decided to put a new milestone in the development line with the construction sector, has constructions which are continuing in Demre and in project phase in Antalya.


        Afterwards, Demre Ikon Group, which has established a new company to carry out the activities of souvenir and cafeteria management, continues its activities as a modern and reliable brand by continuing its activities in the souvenir and cafeteria business operating throughout Antalya.